Voluntary Student Accident Insurance

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Is your child covered by a  high-deductible employer plan? If you have to pay hundreds, or even thousands of dollars in order to meet your deductible, the K-12 Accident insurance plan is an option. It can reimburse you for your child's eligible medical expenses as you continue to work toward meeting the deductible on your employer plan.

24 Hour Coverage: Provides coverage for accidental injuries occurring around-the-clock, at home, at school, on weekends and during the summer. Coverage also includes all organized youth sports activities. Coverage is effective from the date the application and premium are received by the Company, until one year after the date the school year began.  

At School coverage:  Provides coverage for accidental injuries occurring while at school, when school is in session and while participating in school sponsored and supervised activities.  

Extended Dental Coverage: Provides extended dental coverage for accidental dental injuries to sound, natural teeth for all students who are covered by At School and 24-Hour. Extended Dental Coverage cannot be purchased without other coverage. Dental benefits resulting from a covered accident are as follows:

1. All Usual and Customary Charges for examinations, diagnosis, X-rays, restorative treatment, endodontics and oral surgery, up to a maximum of $10,000 per injury.

2. Expenses incurred for new, or repair or replacement of, dentures, bridges, dental implants, dental bands or braces or other dental appliances, crowns, caps, inlays or onlays, fillings or any other treatment of the teeth or gums if as a result of injury up to a maximum of $10,000 per injury.

Franklin Special School District has selected K & K and McGriff Insurance Services, Inc. as its student accident insurance provider. 

K&K Insurance Group, Inc. (Online Enrollment and Benefit Questions)
Customer Service: 855-742-3135
Claims:  800-237-2917

McGriff Student Risk Department Email:  studentrisk@mcgriff.com
Student Risk Department: 800-476-4339

Medical treatment can be very costly so FSSD is offering voluntary coverage to help supplement the costs of medical treatment.  These plans are not meant to cover 100% of the medical bills for an accident or injury; however, it is additional coverage at minimal cost if an accident or injury occur.  If you do not have insurance or would like to supplement your current coverage, these plans can help.

2021-2022 Student Accident Coverage