Food and Culinary Services

Our vision is to serve every student a fresh, colorful, well-balanced quality meal every day in a safe, positive and welcoming environment. Each meal will be served by professional, knowledgeable and caring employees. Through promoting good nutritional habits for a lifetime and being inclusive of all cultures, we will ensure all students a chance to excel in their education and well-being.


What's for Lunch?

Cafeteria menus are available online through MealViewer, an interactive platform for students and parents. MealViewer is available through the website and has a mobile app for each school. It allows students and parents to view individual school menus, allergens, nutrition information, and even gives students the ability to rate the school’s food! Parents can personalize the app by setting allergens, and the app will display an alert when these allergens are present in that day’s menu.

Substitution Clause:  A manager may need to make a substitution due to the delivery schedule or equipment issues. MealViewer may not reflect this last minute change.

Nutritional Analysis

The Nutritional Analysis for FSSD breakfast and lunch offerings provide you with calories, carbohydrates, and protein information for the daily menu. These are available either through MealViewer or in each of the school clinics. If your child requires assistance with a special diet, please contact the Food and Culinary Services Supervisor at 615-794-6624.

Managing Your Child's Account

Online Payments

The FSSD offers families a convenient online way to manage their child’s cafeteria account. Using RevTrak, parents can pay for their students’ meals online with a credit card or debit card (transaction fee applied). RevTrak also offers parents the option to set up email notifications when your child’s account balance reaches a pre-defined amount, to view account history, and to set up automatic payment plans.

In-Person Cash Transactions

FSSD Food and Culinary Services is self-supporting and oversees the collection of all cash transactions at each school site.  Each student is assigned an individual account number which is used throughout the school year. Pre-payments are appreciated, but single purchases are also welcomed. Breakfast, lunch, and a la carte items can be pre-purchased each day.  Exact change is appreciated. Because cafeterias do not have change, payments over the price of the meal are credited to the student's cafeteria account.

Individual account information is available from the FACS managers at each school. Each school offers a variety of a la carte items daily. Students may not purchase a la carte items if they have a negative cafeteria balance.

Meal Prices

All meals are free for the 2020-2021 school year due to a COVID relief program offered by the USDA. 


  • $2.00 for preK-8 students
  • $2.25 for adults
  • 30 cents for students eligible for reduced prices


  • $2.90 for preK-8 students
  • $3.75 for employees
  • $4.75 for visitors (children – $2.90; holidays $5.50)
  • 40 cents for students eligible for reduced prices

Each school has a Food and Culinary Services (FACS) Manager who is responsible for the day-to-day operation of the cafeteria.  FSSD Food and Culinary Services adheres to a traditional lunch menu, which offers the following complete meal: 

Meat/Meat Alternate, Grain/Breads, Vegetable, Fruit and Milk.  Students must select a minimum of three items, with one being a fruit or a vegetable. Otherwise, they will be charged according to the a la carte prices. Although students have the option to decline items, a complete meal is encouraged.  Each school has the latitude to offer additional items to the menu. 

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