Strategic Plan: aspire 2029

In May 2024, the Board of Education adopted a five-year strategic plan.  Aspire 2029 is a strategic plan that encompasses a quest of more than 12 months to determine the road map for the district’s next five years.  As we endeavor to build the future of education in Franklin and beyond, great care has been taken to request and listen deeply to input from employees, board members, families, students, and community members. This plan has a five-year outlook but will be reviewed and modified annually by the Board of Education.

The strategic plan denotes overarching goals from several areas but they are not the only goals of the district. There are many plans which are reviewed/revised annually, filled with goals and objectives guiding the work we do throughout the district, such as school improvement plans, district improvement plan, technology plan, and the Director of Schools performance goals. The other plans will be connected to the umbrella of the aspire 2029 strategic plan.

There are three identified goals that are a part of this plan –  Well Being/Belonging, Academics, and Community Presence/Communication. However, there are many strategies and objectives that are being considered and implemented concurrently to this guiding document, which takes a broad, long-range look at goals.


First page of the PDF file: Aspire2029FSDDraftStrategicPlan