English Language Learners

The Franklin Special School District’s English Language (EL) Program is designed for students who speak a first language other than English and require instruction in English language acquisition.


As part of the student enrollment process, parents complete the Home Language Survey section on the registration form. Information provided in the Home Language Survey determines if further English language screening is necessary. Students are then screened to determine if they qualify to receive EL services. The State of Tennessee uses the WIDA ACCESS assessment to monitor children in grades K-8 measuring progress towards English language proficiency. Tennessee is a member in the WIDA Consortium


Once it is determined a student qualifies to receive EL services, they are served by both the General Education and EL Teachers in pull-out and push-in instructional settings. Between 45 minutes and one hour each day are spent with their EL teacher in a setting deemed most appropriate for the individual learner. The EL teachers use small group instruction to help children learn English through reading, writing, listening and speaking. It takes approximately four to seven years for a child to become fluent in English.

Parent Liaisons

The FSSD has Parent Liaisons who are available by appointment for translation services. They do require advance notice for travel and availability purposes. The FSSD Parent Liaisons have proven to be an invaluable resource for both teachers and parents as they interpret during parent meetings, and translate FSSD documents.

Student Support Services Office
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Betsy Fuqua, Secretary
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