Professional Learning

The Franklin Special School District mission statement of “Teaching and Learning for All,” simply means it is our goal to provide high quality teaching and learning opportunities for all students, parents, teachers and administrators.  Research has shown that high quality professional learning for all teachers improves the learning of all students. With professional learning, teachers can design more meaningful learning opportunities for their students, enabling students to meet high academic standards. This data driven, ongoing, research based, and high quality professional learning program is designed to raise the academic performance and achievement of all students, including one year or more academic growth.

As they meet with their colleagues, teachers discuss new and effective strategies that will meet the needs of all of their students. The Franklin Special School District realizes professional learning is vital for school improvement and has designed a program with high standards, based on careful analysis of student academic data and learning needs.

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Frontline is the platform employees use to register for professional learning.

Curriculum and Professional Learning

Summer Carlton, Supervisor
Lindy Howse, Secretary

Freedom Intermediate School
840 Glass Lane
Franklin, TN  37064