Instructional Technology

The mission of the FSSD Instructional Technology Department is to integrate technology seamlessly, providing students with a rich educational experience while equipping students and staff with the technology skill set needed to function successfully in an increasingly digital society. The FSSD Instructional Technology Specialists are committed to advancing and supporting an environment which maximizes the integration and use of technology by students and staff, thereby allowing them to reach their full potential to adapt, manage, and participate in a digitally literate world. Academic achievement is enhanced when the implementation of technology tools is combined with sound instructional practices. The FSSD is committed to collaborating with teachers, administrators, and students to enrich teaching and learning through the use of technology.

Instructional Resources 

The Instructional Technology Department has compiled a listing of online resources to assist students, parents and school staff with finding and using appropriate and instructionally sound websites and digital textbook companions. Please visit the Student & Family Resource Dashboard or the Faculty & Staff Dashboard to view these resources.  

Instructional Technology Specialists 

Freedom Intermediate School
840 Glass Lane
Franklin, TN  37064