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Meet Mark Anderson: FSSD Technology and Media Supervisor

In the latest installment of the “Get to Know the Teaching and Learning Team” series, the Teaching and Learning spotlight illuminates Technology and Media Supervisor Mark Anderson! Mark’s job responsibilities and expertise are both broad and highly specific, and like all T&L members, his role is closely intertwined with that of every person on the team, as well as with school and other district administrators, teachers, and staff.  It is this combination of skill, knowledge, and synergy that Mark maximizes for optimal benefit to students.

Mark’s supervision of the Local Area Network (LAN) and the Wide Area Network (WAN) is key to every aspect of his position and the support he provides to every FSSD employee.  A LAN is a computer network that covers a small geographic area, such as a home, office, or group of buildings. In contrast, a WAN is a computer network that covers a broad area - for example, any network in which the communications link cross-regional and metropolitan boundaries over a considerable distance. In the FSSD, each school comprises a LAN, and the WAN is composed of the connection between all of the schools and that connection to the entire world.

A vast and ongoing component of Mark’s duties involves the purchase, distribution, and upgrades to district and school software and hardware. This includes several of our digital academic resources (examples are Discovery Education, AimswebPlus, and Learning.com) as well as the platforms that facilitate access to learning, collaboration, and partnerships with parents/guardians or ensure students are safe while online, such as Zoom, Kami, Skyward, and GoGuardian.  To keep our 1:1 device program in grades 1-8 running smoothly and efficiently, Mark manages the student use of several types of devices (Chrome Books, 2 in 1s).  Pre-K recently received several Chrome Tablets for each classroom’s utilization.

Swift and consistent communication is a staple of the district’s endeavors thanks to Mark. He oversees school and building phone systems, and adjusts phone numbers with every personnel change. In a related responsibility, he manages the purchase, distribution, and constant support of iPhones and iPads, definitely crucial tools in the world of education, where reliable contact with district staff and all stakeholders is imperative. Where would we be without email and the immediate contact and connection it offers? Mark creates and manages all district accounts.

Of course, Mark’s key role in the safety and security of the students and staff of the FSSD cannot be overstated.  He oversees, troubleshoots, and helps to provide resolution of questions and issues with security cameras and supervises the access control systems (visitor management).

Mark's achievements are possible thanks to the invaluable and dedicated members of the technology team: Database Manager Robb Walters, MAC Tech Jeff Collins, PC Tech and Backup Network Tech Ray Roberts, MAC Tech Sam Vega, MAC/PC Tech Nick Wegrzyn, and secretary Nichole Johnson.