Student Health Services

The Student Health Services Department provides a wide range of medical services in order to promote optimal health so that all students and employees can work to their full potential.

Franklin Special School District’s Student Health Services Department is an integral part of Coordinated School Health, a comprehensive plan established by the State of Tennessee that requires specific criteria to be met and reported annually.

The District Nursing Coordinator supervises medical needs for students as well as directs health education and training, professional development, health programs, health policies and school health compliance. Each of the FSSD schools has a clinic where the medical needs of children are served by a licensed nurse. The nursing staff is in daily communication with each other regarding health issues of students as well as staff meetings. First aid and health care provided by the school nurse is primarily for illness and injuries which occur during the school day. The school nurse, according to law, may not make a diagnosis, prescribe treatment or administer medication without a signed medication form.

The Student Health Services Department supervises the following:

  • FSSD Health Care Response Protocols: Working in coordination with the state and local Health Departments, FSSD has established specific health care responses in the event a crisis requires specific action at the local school level. 
  • Immunization Requirements:  In order to provide the safest environment possible in the schools, all students are required to have a valid “State of Tennessee Certificate of Immunization” form documenting state required immunizations for school or indicating medical or religious exemption to vaccinations.   Students with religious exemptions must submit a signed parental statement that immunizations conflict with their religious tenets/practices (form available in the school office).  FSSD requires a proof of physical exam for all students entering school for the first time.  This applies to Pre-K, Kindergarten and other students for whom there is no health record.  The immunization certification and/or proof of physical should be available from your child’s physician or the Williamson County Health Department.

 If your child has special health concerns, needs medical procedures at school, or is not able to take medication on his/her own, please call District Nursing Coordinator Amy Fisher, R.N., at 615-794-4837 or 615-472-3202.