School Safety

Statistics consistently show that schools are among the safest places to be due to the strong commitment of educators, families, and our community to our students and schools. We strive to be proactive rather than reactive. The Franklin Special School District is committed to school safety and has implemented the standards in the Tennessee Schools Against Violence in Tennessee (SAVE) Act in creating a more coordinated approach to school safety using Homeland Security’s National Incident Management System (NIMS). District and individual school policies were developed with the able assistance of community partners, local responders, and non-profit agencies.

Safety training occurs for staff and students throughout the school year, and school emergency operations plans are modified as needed in order to improve procedures. Within each school, training drills are conducted on a monthly basis that include the following: fire, severe weather (tornado, earthquake) and intruder. All drills are conducted with a preventative focus to be prepared for such emergencies.

The FSSD Safety Supervisor is responsible for keeping the schools’ safety plans current and up to date according to state and federal guidelines. The safety supervisor meets regularly with administrators to discuss schools safety needs, provides resources as needed, and collaborates regularly with community first responders. In addition to providing support and collaboration, the safety supervisor provides training to SROs, teachers, and administrators as needed.

Please look over the information below to see how the FSSD is addressing the critical areas of school safety.

Office of School Safety

Celby Glass, Supervisor
1000 Excellence Way
Franklin, TN  37064