Building Use and Visitors

Visitors and Volunteers

There will be times when it is necessary for a parent/guardian or visitor to come to school for a variety of reasons. For the health and safety of FSSD students, faculty and staff, the number of non-staff individuals entering the school during the school day will be limited. We very much look forward to getting back to normal school visit protocols. However anytime there is minimal to moderate community spread of the virus, we will utilize the following building visitor procedures: 

  • Building volunteers and visitors will not be allowed to visit classrooms or come for school lunch until further notice.
  • Any parent/guardian needing to drop-off medication for a child will follow the regular protocol should call the school office prior to delivering the medication to the school. 
  • If a parent/guardian brings a child to school after the school day has already begun, the parent may bring the child into the school front office. We ask that the parent/guardian wear a face covering while in the school office and follow physical distancing protocols.
  • Parent meetings for Individualized Education Program (IEPs), 504s, or meetings with building administrators will be conducted virtually when possible. If face-to-face meetings are necessary, face coverings will be required and physical distancing protocols will be followed.
  • Building level parent organization meetings will be allowed for in-person meetings as long as attendees wear face coverings and physical distancing is maintained. Virtual meetings are preferred when feasible.

Public Access of Facilities

In addition to the safety and security measures performed daily at each of our school buildings, every effort will be made to limit unnecessary exposure to students and staff during school hours. The FSSD appreciates and encourages strong parent involvement and participation in school functions. These restrictive procedures are only in place to mitigate community spread of the virus. The following protocols will provide guidance as to public access to school facilities until further notice:

  • To minimize potential exposure, only authorized visitors are allowed entrance past the front office. School staff will receive students at screening stations to prevent unnecessary adult entry into the building. Per CDC recommendations, visitors are restricted from entering the building during the school day unless the visit is deemed essential.
  • Visitors’ temperatures will be checked if you are planning to stay on campus. If you are not staying on campus and are just making deliveries or pick-ups, you will not require a temperature screening.  Those who do not pass the initial screening will be asked to leave the campus.
  • All visitors will be asked to follow all physical distancing guidelines and use face coverings during the visit until further notice.
  • All meetings and visits from non-essential individuals (vendors, non-parents, etc.) will take place outside of the school day when possible. When not possible, these individuals must follow physical distancing and any the use of face covering protocols.
  • At this time, there will not be any other public use of school facilities.