District Map & Zoning

School Zone Lookup

The map below is designed to help families learn which school their student(s) should attend based on the physical street address of their home. There may be other factors that ultimately affect the school a student will attend, such as Individual Education Plans (IEP) or other special considerations. 

Is your address outside the boundaries of FSSD?  Learn more about the possibility of your child(ren) attending FSSD on a tuition basis.

For questions regarding transportation, please visit the Transportation Department online. For questions about school zones, please call the FSSD Central Office at 615-794-6624.

Interactive Map

To find your zoned schools, type your home address in the Google Maps field below. Sorting options are available by clicking the PLUS sign to the right of the address field. 



Historical Perspective

The boundaries of the FSSD were frozen in 1986 (HB1236 of the Private Acts of 1987, Chap. 53) by the General Assembly. Prior to this date, the FSSD boundaries followed those of the Ninth Civil District. Because the population was growing rapidly, the city was annexing county land to provide services to its new residents. As a way to assist the school systems in planning for the new residents, the boundaries were frozen, preventing the massive adding and dropping of students from one district to another as land was annexed. It is for this reason that the FSSD boundaries do not encompass the city of Franklin as a whole.

Franklin Special School District