Course Guide (5-8)

Middle School Course Offerings for Grades 5-8


sixth-grade students holding Valentines Day icons and smiling

The Franklin Special School District Middle School Course Offerings Guide describes the programs, courses, and activities that are available in grades 5-8. This guide serves as a resource to inform students and parents of the grade level content and opportunities available in the FSSD middle schools. All courses are aligned with the Tennessee Academic Standards and taught in accordance with locally developed pacing guides, which assists FSSD teachers in planning instruction and ensuring specific content is addressed with consistency across the district. The Middle School Course Offerings Guide encompasses information on academic courses and programs.

The Middle School Handbook, which is distributed at the start of the school year, provides more detailed information about the day-to-day operation of the school. Information about each school is available on the school websites under the Students and Families tab or on the individual school sites. Questions should be directed to the individual school.

Download the Middle School Course Offerings Guide