Grass-Fed Beef Hamburgers Now Available for School Lunch

Grass-Fed Beef Hamburgers Now Available for School Lunch

The Franklin Special School District (FSSD) is proud to announce an exciting addition to its school menus. Beginning January 8, every Monday all FSSD schools will be serving grass-fed beef hamburgers sourced from Tennessee Grass Fed, a USDA-certified farm located in Clarksville. This new offering is part of the district's commitment to providing healthy, high-quality meals to its students.

Tennessee Grass Fed is known for its dedication to free grazing and its production of all-natural Angus beef products that are lower in fat and calories and higher in omega-3 fatty acids. By partnering with Tennessee Grass Fed, FSSD aims to offer nutritious and delicious meal options that support the health and well-being of its students.

“We are beginning with the new sausage option at breakfast and delicious hamburgers for lunch,” said FSSD Food and Culinary Services Supervisor Robbin Cross. “We are excited for our students to taste these new items because, in addition to being healthier, they are also tastier. We piloted the burgers at Franklin Elementary before the holidays and the students overwhelmingly approved of the change.”

This upgrade in the school lunch program is made possible through the USDA Local Foods for Schools Cooperative Agreement Program. This program is designed to strengthen the food system for schools by supporting local and regional food producers and processors. By participating in this program, FSSD is not only providing its students with healthier meal choices but also contributing to the development of a fair, competitive, and resilient local food chain.

"We are also excited to announce that through our partnership with Tennessee Grass Fed farm, our school families and employees have the opportunity to order grass-fed products at a discount for their own homes,” Cross said. "This partnership allows us to support local farmers while offering our students nutritious options that are both delicious and sustainable."

Families can go to and order online using the code FSSD15 for a 15% discount. There are shipping and local pickup opportunities.

The introduction of Tennessee Grass Fed beef, as well as pork sausage, continues FSSD's efforts to enhance its school nutrition program. The district remains committed to providing students with access to wholesome, locally sourced foods that contribute to their overall health and well-being.