Back to School Bus Reminders

Back to School Bus Reminders

The Franklin Special School District is excited to welcome students back for a half day on Friday, August 6. Students will dismiss three hours early, but will have an opportunity to eat lunch before they leave.

Check Your Child’s Stop and Times
Prior to the first day, please confirm your child’s bus stop location and time as these may change each year. The easiest way to check this is by going online to

Be aware that school bus stop times are always approximate, and this is especially true for the first few weeks of school as ridership settles and stop times stabilize. We ask that, if possible, parents wait at the bus stop with your child 10 minutes before the posted time until your route stabilizes and times become more predictable. We also encourage parents of younger students to wait for your child at the stop in the afternoon. As a safety precaution, if a young child does not have an older sibling or adult at the stop or expresses a concern about safety, the driver has the prerogative to return the child to the school for a parent to retrieve. 

Bus Tracking App
The Franklin Special School District offers families the opportunity to track their child’s bus using a mobile app, called Parent Portal Lite (PPL). PPL can show eligible users the position of the school bus and give an alert as the bus enters a notification zone.

FSSD families can download the Edulog Parent Portal Lite from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store by searching for “Edulog Parent Portal Lite” and choose the app with the yellow icon – it says “LITE” at the bottom. Instructions for use are on the website. The registration code for FSSD is 67728969.

Rules and Regulations
Please review the 2021-2022 Bus Rules and Regulations to this email and encourage you to go over these with your child(ren) so the expectations are known before they ever board the bus. 

Finally, as you drive through town in the coming weeks, please remember to slow down when you see a school bus and NEVER pass a stopped bus. Students depend on the bus stop arm to cross the street safely. The Franklin Police Department is paying special attention to the safety of our students as school resumes.

If you have any questions about your posted stop time, please call the FSSD Transportation Department at 615-790-4704 or email